stuck1 [stʌk]
the past tense and past participle of ↑stick 1
stuck 2
stuck2 adj [not before noun]
1.) impossible or unable to move from a particular position
Sara tried to open the window but it was stuck.
They got stuck in a traffic jam.
stuck in
The boat was stuck in the mud.
I've got something stuck in my throat.
2.) informal unable to escape from a bad or boring situation
stuck in/at
Mum resented being stuck at home with two young kids.
We could be stuck in this place for days.
3.) informal unable to do any more of something that you are working on because it is too difficult
Can you help me with my homework, Dad? I'm stuck.
stuck on
If you get stuck on a difficult word, just ask for help.
4.) be stuck with sth informal
to have something you do not want because you cannot get rid of it
We are, unfortunately, stuck with this huge, ugly building.
5.) be stuck with sb
to have to spend time with someone or have a relationship with them even though you do not want to
They are stuck with each other with no end in sight.
6.) be stuck for sth
to be unable to think what to say or do
For once Anthony was stuck for words (=did not know what to say) .
7.) get stuck in/get stuck into sth
BrE spoken to start doing something eagerly and with a lot of energy
Take your jacket off and get stuck in!
8.) be stuck on sb informal
to be attracted to someone
He says he's stuck on me.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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